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Rationale for study, basic plans, layout of blog



Suddenly, after a life time of waiting, the opportunity seems possible, and I’ve decided to commit to a plan that takes me to an initial goal of completing an MA in philosophy.

What comes after

Things could easily lead to a doctorate or some other thing, but also in sight is to teach the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) module in an International Baccalaureate programme.

What comes first

I have to get my german language skills up to scratch as my most realistic and practical choice for studying is to go down the distance learning route here in Germany. Then, due to lack of philosophical previous, there’s the necessary Einführung to theoretical and practical philsophy modules to contend with.

Do it like this

1. German language skill

2. Pre-Masters

3. MA itself

A more detailed look at the plan

Click the (detail) links

Check out the links at the end of each bulleted part of the plan to get more detailed information about what’s involved for the various stages of this learning journey.

Blog structure

Where on the blog is it all?

There are certain pages that are used as jumping off points, like this one which sets out a basic plan. The further detail will be blog posts, that will be appropriately tagged, unless specific links seem called for.


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