Modern Philosophy

The gist

Currrently reading Modern Philosophy by Roger Scruton. He points to particular books as relevant to the arguments he presents. The issues and titles that take my fancy, I’m going to post up here.

The detail

Reading pattern

My strategy with this book is to read a chapter once through following the gist of the argument as best I can. Then i re-read going over the content more carefully, taking notes of what seem to be the memorable bits. So, I’m not aiming to capture everything, just hooks for my memory of charactersitics of the arguments being presented.

So far this has worked pretty well, and at the end of each chapter’s second reading, I’ve been thumbing through the associated notes in the workbook section at the back of the book, making notes of some of the books recommended, and also of the questions that Scruton suggest trying to answer as useful for getting hold of the key aspects of the various themes and issues.

Books mentioned

So far I’ve been pretty much able to put links to the books into various bits of the BA Philosophy reading list. But now it’s becoming clear that that’s not going to really work, so these Modern Philosophy posts are going to be the place for putting book links in.

Initial responses

More than this though, I’m also aware that I have various levels of interest, degrees of resistance, to the different strands of thought; it seems like a good idea to capture them too.

I think the idea is that, at some point, I’ll have a clearer view as to what I personally would like to follow up in more detail, have some sort of gauge of where my interests lie.


Having covered the first eight chapters of the book, it seems an opportune moment to just refocus, to capture my initial thoughts and feelings, mainly because the book is about to dive into metaphysical issues, and if I don’t capture stuff now, the likelihood is that I’ll lose sight of it.


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