More distance learning MA ideas

University of Wales

MA European Philosophy

  • Writing Philosophy
  • Hermeneutics – early history to today. includes Ricoeur
  • Nietzsche and Foucault: Genealogy and the Body
  • Kant and German Idealism
  • Platonic Myth
  • Heidegger’s Being and Time
  • Mind and Body in Descartes and Wittgenstein
  • Reading Module
  • The Dissertation
  • module contents

This came up under a distance learning search.
6 of 7 modules – and the reading and dissertation I suppose

Lancaster University

MA Creative Writing by Distance Learning

  • negotiated course outline
  • termly creative conference
  • twice termly tutorial submissions of creative assignment + commentary
  • Mandatory research training methodology (RTM) modules
  • course page
  • course detail

No formal programme of teaching to specific objectives is initiated; instead we aim to respond to individual needs through the allocation of a personal tutor who will be an expert in your chosen genre.

PhD in Creative Writing

also as a distance learning course

Both these courses come across as attractive, although they are less explicitly focussed on specific learning goals (e.g. see the CWTTP site below). Still there is a call for critical research by the course providers.

Creative Writing Teaching Theory and Practice

Came across this creative writing site aimed at the pedagogy of creative writing whilst looking into Lancaster University.

  • pdf downloads of writings
  • aims to develop a peer reviewed international online journal dedicated to the theory and practice of teaching creative writing
  • and also to develop resources which may be accessed online or through other organisations.

“.. a new and developing online journal and resource site for teachers of Creative Writing and those who are in the process of training to become teachers of Creative Writing.
could I submit an article to it?!

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