MA Ideas – Distance Learning & Related to English

School of English Studies at Nottingham

Distance learning MA courses

  • Masters Modern English Language (MA MEL)
  • Masters Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching (MA AL-ELT)
  • Masters Literary Linguistics (MA LitLing)
  • Masters Applied Linguistics (MA AppLing)
  • Module descriptions

Of these, the Literary Linguistics Masters (MA) seems at first glance to be the most interesting, although the Modern English Language (MA) offers the same and further modules to select from.
Distance learning fee is £6660, and why wouldn’t that cover Germany?

Open University

MA in English

  • literary themes, personae or narratives across time
  • literary history and book history
  • dissertation developing an area of above two
  • Part 1 + Dissertation

Has module that deals with Genesis 1-3

University of East London

MA Writing: Imaginative Practice by distance learning

  • Experience
  • Adaption
  • Genre
  • Research Methods in Creative Practice
  • Practiced Based Dissertation
  • Course overview

Building writing skills within critical debates

National Association of Writers in Education

Stumbled across this useful looking nawe website who give a definition of creative writing as a subject:

“Creative Writing is the study of writing (including poetry, fiction, drama and creative-non-fiction) and its contexts through creative production and reflection on process. By writing, we mean not only books and other printed materials, but also scripted and unscripted performances, oral and recorded outputs, and the variety of forms possible in electronic, digital and other new media. Creative Writing can use any form or genre of writing as an exemplary subject of study, but the productions of Creative Writing tend not to be informational, but imaginative interpretations of the world that invite the complex participation of the audience or reader.”

BCU School of English

MA in Writing, in association with the National Academy of Writing

  • Reading into Writing: ouptput of past and present writers
  • Final Project: producing basis of saleable object
  • Fiction: devising and improving short stories and novels.
  • Creative nonfiction: shaping and writing real life stories.
  • Course details

Looks interesting, not clear though if it’s a true distance learning course.

A Place for Words

Sarah Butler runs A Place for Words which in relation with UrbanWords works within applications of writing for change in a place.

University of Essex

MA Myth, Literature, and the Unconscious

  • Compulsory: CITIES AND THE SACRED (LT920 Cities and the Sacred.rtf has bibliography)
  • Compulsory: DREAMS AND MYTH – Freud and myth
  • Compulsory: INTERPRETATION OF MYTH – the relation of myth and philosophy
  • Compulsory: MYTHOLOGICAL PSYCHE – Jung’s key texts relating to his theory of myth and its application
  • Core: MYTH AND MODERNISM- myth, literature, and depth psychology
  • Course details
  • List of module details has some restricted download items apparently available
“… focuses on the depth psychological theories of Freud and Jung, which postulate that the real subject matter of myth is the unconscious mind.”

Fascinating to see cities as a module focus, Jerusalem included.
Fee for home and EU students: £4450. However, “Attendance and participation in a requirement of the module.” so I’m not sure how this can be a distance learning course.
Incidentally, here is their e-learning link

University of Glasgow

MLitt in Creative Writing

  • Creative – Regular Workshops and Tutorials – poetry, fiction, life-writing or script-writing
  • Critical – Craft & Experimentation
  • Practical – Editing & Publication issues
  • Course overview

Distance learning course available.

MFA in Creative Writing
For a a career in writing and teaching creative writing

Some of the ongoing postgraduate dissertations look interesting, one in particular give hope in that it covers use of multi-media and makes me think of the relevance of passing through Camp Road in this.

Also of hope is that “Admission is via the submission of a portfolio of creative work, and appraisal of the quality of that work is the primary basis for admission.
Cost looks like £4250.

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